Charta Zamonia
Zamonia in relation to the world
Zamonia in relation to the world
General Information
Location Earth
Inhabitants Sundry Life Forms even human beings
Sights Atlantis, Bookholm, Demerara Desert, Gloomberg Mountains, Lindworm Castle, The Great Forest, Wolperting

Zamonia is the fictional continent where the books of Walter Moers grouped as the "Zamonia Series" take place. It is situated between North America and Eurasia. According to the foreword Captain Bluebear gives in his narrative, The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear, the continent sunk under the waves after Atlantis achieved liftoff, along with all the other continents and islands except for those currently existing.

All the fantasy creatures that appear in lores and myths of humans seem to live in Zamonia. According to the creatures in Atlantis, this continent is the only safe haven for such creatures, now persecuted by the rising human civilization all around the world. Accordingly, few humans exist on Zamonia. Most of the humans encountered during Captain Bluebear's adventures live in the Eternal Tornado.

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