Wolpertings 01
General Information
Habitat: Wolperting
Abilities: Extreme velocity and a distinct sense of smell
Physical Information
Extremities: Two arms and legs

A Wolperting is similar to a dog, but much larger, stands on its two hind legs and has two horns on its head. They enjoy playing chess, fighting, and some sword fighting.

Wolpertings are a cross-breed of wolves and deer. They are described as strong, wild, skittish,nimble and dangerous. They grow up astoishingly fast and are orphans at birth.


Wolpertings can be sorted into two categories: wild and civilised. The wild Wolpertings live as pets and animals in forests. They walk on all fours and hunt. Civilised Wolpertings learn to stand speak, and usually make their way to Wolperting , the Wolperting-ony city name after the race.

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