Wolpertings 01
General Information
Habitat: Wolperting
Abilities: Extreme velocity and a distinct sense of smell
Physical Information
Extremities: Two arms and legs

A Wolperting can be any breed of domesticated dog, but larger, more intelligent, and with small horns. Their reflexes and senses are heightened, making them popular guard animals and excellent fighters. Wolpertings the result of an ancient love between a wolf and a deer. Their growth from pup-hood to adolescence is remarkably fast and includes an increase in size and a sudden appearance of teeth.

Wolpertings can be sorted into two categories: wild and civilized. The wild Wolpertings live a life of . They walk on all fours and hunt. Civilized Wolpertings learn to stand speak, and usually make their way to Wolperting, the Wolperting-only city named after the race.

Wolpertings are a formidable species, renowned as the best fighters in Zamonia. Their senses of smell and hearing are so advanced that they can "see" without their eyes.