A Troglotroll
General Information
Habitat: Caverns and tunnels
Abilities: Worst deviousness
Physical Information
Average height: Approx. one metre
Extremities: Two arms and legs

The troglotroll is a species of shadow-parasite native to the caverns and tunnels of Zamonia , such as those in the Gloomberg Mountains. Troglotrolls are universally despised, due to their mischevious tendencies. It is a troglotroll’s nature never to perform a good deed, and it takes delight in causing others trouble. However, some troglotrolls, such as Dandelion, appear to have overcome thier malign ways.

Encyclopedia EntryEdit

From the
Encyclopedia of Marvels, Life Forms and Other Phenomena of Zamonia and its Environs
by Professor Abdullah Nightingale

Troglotroll, The. Distantly related to the Common Gnomelet, the Troglotroll can claim to be the most despised creature in Zamonia, more so even than the →Bollogg. Whereas other malignant life forms are at least distinguished by their audacity or demand respect on account of their physical superiority, the Troglotroll possesses no laudable attributes at all; worse still, it doesn't even pretend to any and rejoices in its obnoxiousness. In certain administrative districts in Zamonia, 'Troglotroll!' is considered to be a personal insult carrying a heavy fine. It has been known to spark of barroom brawls, duels, family feuds - even minor civil wars.

The Troglotroll is a semihumanoid shadow-parasite of the lowest order. In other words, it favours dim, dank surroundings, shuns daylight, and lives in other creatures' homes [→Mountain Maggot, The] - without, of course, asking their permission or paying them rent.

Notable IndividualsEdit

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