The Theatre of Death
General Information
Location Hel

The Theatre of Death is a stadium inside Hel where duels (usually to the death) are held.

Creation of the Theatre of DeathEdit

The idea of the Theatre of Death was first concieved by Gornab the Fifty-First, who had enjoyed watching the Vrahok Wars from his royal balcony. Therefore, he ordered that a stadium be built where duels could be held to entertain the masses. This theatre became the center of social life in Hel. However, it eventually began to decline; as a result, unofficial duels were held on the street, and the situation threatened to get out of control.

The Theatre Under FriftarEdit

Friftar, adviser to Gornab the Ninety-Ninth, then took control of the theatre. He made it his goal to revive it and make it popular again, so that he could have more control over the nobility and the common people of Hel.

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