Ostafan Kolibri
Ostafan Kolibri
Kolibri with a finger of Volzotan in his ear
Physical Information
Life Form: Nocturnomath
Gender: Male
Biographical Information
Home: Grailsund, temporarily Murkholm
Occupation: Microcosmologist


A four-brained Nocturnomath who goes in search of the Non-Existent Teenies and goes to Murkholm city to look for the entrance to Netherworld. He stayed at Murkholm city in a lonely, foggy lighthouse for 32 days and created a device called the ostafanic fogometer, which tells how thick the fog is. He named the unit of measurment a kolibri (sense his last name is Kolibri) and the highest number on his scale out of that 32 days was 10 kolibris. That day he could scarcely see his chart, or even barely anything.

The people that lived in Murkholm city were called murkholmers, which were creepy little dwarf creatures that were known for their strange watery glowing eyes. When 19 days went past, Kolibri starting going insane. He tried to fit his body through the lighthouse keyhole ( which he proved impossible ), he thought he had bumped into his father ( but was actually just his reflection in a mirror ), he was so drowsy and sick-feeling one day that he thought he was invinsible and didn't exist, and he even thought he had two identities because he had kept doing things that he had not remembered he did, such as kill his pet guinea pig.

On the thirty-second day he heard a knock on the door.

' They've come for me,' he thought.

' They've come for me.'

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