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Optimus Yarnspinner
Optimus Yarnspinner
Optimus with red scales
Physical Information
Life Form: Lindworm
Gender: Male
Scales colour: various
Biographical Information
Home: Lindworm Castle
Family: Dancelot Wordwright
Occupation: Author, poet

Optimus Yarnspinner is a lindworm, and the main protagonist in The City of Dreaming Books and it's sequel, The Labyrinth of the Dreaming Books. He is kind and honorable, but often rather arrogant. However, he seems to have a sense of humor amounting to frequent wisecracks. Out of all the instalments in the Zamonia series, Yarnspinner is the credited author for all of them except The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear and Rumo.

Early lifeEdit

Young Optimus Yarnspinner

Young Optimus

Yarnspinner was born and raised in Lindworm Castle; although little is known about his family and upbringing as a whole, childish pranks and other rambunctious activities are mentioned to have occurred throughout his formative years. As a young lindworm in his twenties, Yarnspinner's scales were a pale yellow colour.

Every lindworm is assigned an authorial godfather to guide them through the art of writing once they have matured a reasonable amount, and Yarnspinner was taught by Dancelot Wordwright, who was an avid reader but not a very prolific writer and preferred to garden in his leisuretime instead. Nonetheless, Dancelot provided Yarnspinner with an immense amount of knowledge about Zamonian literature and required him to memorize authors, books, and facts for a large portion of Yarnspinner's childhood.

Dancelot's BequestEdit

See The City of Dreaming Books for more information.

Optimus Yarnspinner was in his mid-seventies when Dancelot Wordwright passed away, and he inherited all of Dancelot's possessions. At his deathbed, Dancelot had revealed to Yarnspinner about an exceptionally-written manuscript sent to him years ago that had changed his life, and Yarnspinner inherited this immaculate piece of art amongst everything else; propelled by youthful abandon, he set off to the city of Bookholm in search of the mysterious person responsible for the most powerful text ever created. There Yarnspinner was kidnapped and banished to the catacombs of the city by evil genius Pfistomel Smyke.

The Catacombs of BookholmEdit

His adventures in the labryinth of dreaming books were detailed in Yarnspinner's wildly successful memoirs, which included his experiences with Bookhunters, Booklings, and Homuncolossus (otherwise known as the Shadow King). The Booklings, an underground race of creatures who read books to survive, took Yarnspinner in for a considerable amount of time and provided him with an outlet for literature whilst trapped in the catacombs. After their secret civilisation was discovered and raided by Bookhunters, however, Yarnspinner escaped deeper into the labyrinth and found himself in Shadowhall Castle, the domain of Homuncolossus.

The Shadow King allowed Yarnspinner to stay in his abode as a visitor and revealed that he was once the author of the manuscript that caused Yarnspinner to come to Bookholm in the first place, but was captured by Pfistomel Smyke and mutilated into a paper beast who was forced to roam the catacombs for the rest of his life. After being taught about the Orm and the art of writing from Homoncolossus, Yarnspinner devised a plan to return to the surface with his newfound companion and defeat Smyke.

Yarnspinner and the Shadow King made their way to Smyke's secret laboratory and confronted him, although the Shadow King's paper body was so sensitive to light that it burnt up at the slightest touch of the sun. Homuncolossus intentionally set himself on fire in the daylight, then trapped himself and Smyke in a cellar where the amount of flames succeeded in burning down almost the entirety of Bookholm. However, Optimus Yarnspinner was able to escape in time and return to civilisation, where he wrote a book about his adventures and became one of the most highly revered writers in Zamonia.

His scales were a reptilian green at this stage in his life.

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