Encyclopedia of Marvels, Life Forms and Other Phenomena of Zamonia and its Environs
The Encyclopedia
General Information
Type: Book
Source: Professor Abdullah Nightingale
Purpose: Imparting knowledge

Written by Professor Abdullah Nightingale, this encyclopedia explains and describes in great detail everything about Zamonia and its environs. Having been bacteriologically transmitted to Bluebear's brain, he quotes many entries from it in his narrative, The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear.

The encyclopedia is also a way for the Professor to directly and remotely be inside the possessor of the encyclopedia's head.

List of articles that appear in the novelEdit

In order of appearance in the novel:



SS Moloch, The

Babbling Billows, The

Tyrannomobyus Rex, The

Gourmetica insularis, The

Pterodactylus Salvator, The


Bollogg, The

Wolperting Whelps

Alpine Imp, The

Troglotroll, The

Mountain Maggot, The

‘Mountain Maggot, The’ [poem]

Organic Verse

Gloomberg Tempest, The

Great Forest, The

Spiderwitch, The

Water, Zamonian

Marathon Fever

Multidimensional Space

Carefree Catalepsy

Dimensional Hiatuses

Equitemporal Tunnelling of Dimensions, The


Demerara Desert, The

Camedary, The

Muggs, The

Muggroom, The

Anagrom Ataf

Subterranean Sandmen, The

Sugar Flux


Conventions Observed by Exceptional Natural Phenomena, The

Fata Morgana



Tornado Stops

Eternal Tornado, The

Human Being, The

Zamonian Year, The

Bollogg Fleas

Bollogg’s Head, The

Bollogg Thoughts

Bollogg Brain, The


Greased Lightning


Congladiators of Atlantis, The

Gnomic Cretinism


Shark Grub, The


Infurno, The

Sewer Dragon, The


Malmstrom, The


Chromobear, The

How to use the ‘Encyclopedia of Marvels, Life Forms and Other Phenomena of Zamonia and its Environs’

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